This oft-heard phrase is another of those slogans that really bothers me. Like “class warfare,” it sounds good if you don’t think about what it really means.

Should government be run like a business? Of course not!

  • Government is the ultimate monopoly. You don’t get to choose, unless you are willing to relocate. You can’t just say “I like the laws in Mississippi better than those of California, so I’m going with them.”
  • Government is not supposed to make a profit.
  • Government is supposed to serve all comers. Generally speaking we don’t have to purchase its services, in the normal sense of the word. There are some quasi-governmental agencies that are exceptions. Volunteer Fire Districts are an example: in some cases, if you don’t pay your assessment (purchase their services) they aren’t obligated to put out a fire in your house. We’ve all heard those stories, I’m sure.

I’m sure there’s more, but I promised to keep my posts brief.