This is an old joke, which I’ve stripped of its ethnic roots.

Frank goes into a store looking for a suit, and he finds one that is a wonder to behold: the cloth is fine, the style is flattering, it fits perfectly, and it’s only $150. He buys it immediately. He proudly puts on his new suit and heads down the street.

Five minutes later he runs into his friend Harry. Harry immediately notices Frank’s new suit and he can’t stop raving about it. Harry asks Frank where he got it, and Frank gives him the name of the store and brags how little he paid for it.

Harry asks”Do they have any more?”

Sadly, Frank tells him that this was the only one the store had.

Harry says “Look, you paid $150 for it. I’ll buy it from you for $175.”

Frank is reluctant, and the two begin haggling. Eventually Frank sells Harry the suit for $200.

A couple of days later the two run into each other again, and Harry is wearing the marvelous suit. Frank has an attack of seller’s remorse, and offers to buy back the suit for $225. Again they haggle, and Frank winds up buying the suit back for $250.

This goes on day after day, until the price has worked its way up to $400.

One day the two friends meet and neither one of them is wearing the suit. Frank says to Harry “Where’s the suit?”

Harry admits that he sold the suit to a stranger for $500.

“You idiot!” Frank yells. “We were both getting rich on that suit!”