In my family we give money to the (grown) children; but amongst ourselves we make donations to charities. I usually check Charity Navigator and the like looking for ideas; but sometimes I want to find something outside the box, especially for my brother.

For example, I’m sure you’re familiar with Save the Children and similar groups. They use your donations to sponsor a child, and you get a photograph and updates from “your” child. Well, I found a similar organization that sponsors elephants, and I gave that to my brother one year. He got letters from “his” elephant, and even a birthday card.

I have a few arrows left in my quiver, but I’m running out. If you have any suggestions please post them as feedback in the form below, because I don’t want anyone in my family to see them. In exchange, I’ll reply with the suggestions that I have gathered so you can use them yourself.

Your suggestions don’t have to be weird, just out of the ordinary.