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There was a story on NPR’s Morning Edition today (2012-05-16) about the huge amount of money pouring into congressional campaigns from people who couldn’t even point out the district (or the state, for that matter) on a map. (You can read the story at Coming To A Political Campaign Near You: Outside Money, And Lots Of It.) The reason is that donors are so polarized that they would donate to Beelzebub’s campaign if he carried the right party banner.

As usual, this made my stomach hurt. Both sides (and isn’t it sad that there are two sides and no middle?) are more interested in throwing hand grenades than negotiating. Let’s try a Mad Lib:

“The a political party are trying to make this a political issue.” How hypocritical!

If President Obama announced that the sun rose in the east this morning, the Republicans would say that this was an example of governmental overreach and failed Obama policies; Rush Limbaugh would say that it was a Socialist War on Ptolemy.

If Mitt Romney announced that when he is elected he’d make sure that the sun rose in the east, the Democrats would claim that he is out of touch with average Americans who are more worried about jobs; Jim Hightower would say that Romney didn’t seem to know that the sun rose in the east under Bush’s watch.

Now my stomach really hurts.