How many blue-eyed blonds will Arizona cops ask to prove they are legal residents?

I don’t envy the cops: they are expected to “use their judgment.” That puts them between Scylla and Charybdis, and who knows how this will play out in their performance reviews. Will they be expected to have a certain number of “suspicions” per month?

If their suspicions light on a disproportionate number of those with dark skins, or Spanish accents, they will be accused (and perhaps rightly so) of racial profiling. On the other hand, if the “suspicioned” represent a cross-section of the Arizona population there will undoubtedly be some very negative feedback. I certainly hope that it’s the latter situation; I’ve always liked the expression “hoist by his own petard.” Nothing would tickle my ribs more than to have some Arizona legislator pulled over for running a red light and then held in the pokey while his residency status was checked.

Where I live the bulk of the illegal immigrants are Polish and Albanian. Can you imagine the uproar if the police started checking every European-looking person who seemed “foreign”?

As an illegal immigrant from Canada might say, “What a hoot, eh”?