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We’ve all seen the news footage of groups of adults holding a vigil, or demonstration, after somebody’s child gets shot on the street.

We’ve all heard the police say that none of the people in the neighborhood are “cooperating.”

We’ve all seen the makeshift shrines, with candles and balloons and the like.

Is there any solution?

Community policing seems to work, but it’s very expensive. A policeman who isn’t in a patrol car can’t respond as quickly, so you need more personnel for the same coverage.

If more people spoke up, it would help; but those people have good reason to be too frightened to speak.

Enforcing “quality of life” regulations seems to help, in much the same way that some stores play classical music to drive the mall rats away.

All of this seems to be just nibbling around the edges.

I just don’t know what to do besides stand on the sidelines and wring my hands.