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To make up for the light, quick, and easy Poinsettia Punch, this eggnog is heavy and a pain to make. It will take over the entire kitchen, so it’s hard to make this if you’re trying to make a meal at the same time.


1 dozen Eggs, separated
1/4 quart Light cream
3/4 pint Heavy cream
1 pint Peach brandy
1 pint Rum
12 heaping tsp Confectioners Sugar
1 quart Ice cream, good quality vanilla
Nutmeg, grated


Separate eggs. Beat yolks and sugar until frothy.

Add ½ the liquor, then the light cream, then the remaining liquor, all slowly while beating constantly.

Whip whites until stiff. (Don’t forget to wash every trace of yolk off the beaters, or the whites won’t whip up.) Fold beaten whites into mixture.

Spoon in ice cream.

While the ice cream is blending itself into the mixture, whip the heavy cream. Gently spread it on top as though you were frosting a cake.

Serves about 30–50.